Steppin’ Up – Live Studio Mix – September 2011

I’ve been hard at work in the studio the last few weeks. Putting finishing touches on upcoming releases for Proper Trax and Woods N Bass, along with rotating through a load of other projects. Sometimes I need a break though, so I spent a few days compiling, setting up, and editing this special 2-hour, 38 track, live Ableton set in the studio. I’ve been feeling the itch to present something a little different, in the hopes of broadening listeners’ horizons, and my own. There’s been slew of quality, genre-bending electronic music hitting the street over the last year or so, and I found it about time to create a mix touching on some of it–along with a healthy dose of techno and my own originals.

I created this mix with Ableton Live. I compiled and warped a large pool of tracks, loops, and tools, set up the MIDI interface, and ran through it live. Afterward, I spent some time editing things up a bit, to give it a nice “polish,” while still preserving the seat-of-the-pants live composition of the set. It’s not my first time doing this, but it’s rare that I nail it this well. Hopefully, with a little more organization and perhaps a more robust controller, I can take the process fully-live for some special gigs (no, I’m not ditching the vinyl or CDs…there’s no substitute for the versatility and “feeling” you get with a pair of decks…not to mention, the reliability). There’s a number of surprise techniques, nothing too fancy, but it makes for interesting listening over the typical DJ mix.

It consists of 38 tracks, spanning the sounds of techno, house, dubstep, proper electro, juke/footwork, and some downtempo breakbeat jams. Some are vinyl rips from my collection, others are digital purchases, and others are either upcoming or unreleased original productions of mine (and Piltdown Sound — hitting Proper Trax’s second release soon). It’s a little over two hours long, so don’t expect to burn it as an audio CD without spanning or burning as an MP3. The tracklisting, with all the labels I could remember off-hand, just below:

1. Dadub – Biopoiesis [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2. Will Azada – Clownin’ [Unreleased]
3. Objekt – CLK Recovery [Objekt]
4. Will Azada – Drunk Sequence [Unreleased]
5. Sigha – HF029A2 [Hotflush]
6. Vril – UV [Ostgut Ton]
7. Phase – Further Trials
8. FBK – Fears of a Madman [Unreleased]
9. Metope – Kobox (Sleeparchive Remix)
10. Objekt – Tinderbox [Objekt]
11. Pinch – Attack of the Giant Robot Spiders
12. Unknown – Sicko Cell (Azada Loop-Up) [Swamp81]
13. Instra:Mental – User [Nonplus]
14. Addison Groove – Its Got Me [Swamp81]
15. Peverelist – Infinity [Punch Drunk]
16. Will Azada – Deep Juke [Unreleased]
17. DJ Rashad – Took It Doggy Style
18. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Space Juke
19. DJ Spinn – LOL
20. Will Azada – We Rave It [Unreleased]
21. Will Azada – Reduction [Unreleased]
22. Piltdown Sound – Bom [Proper Trax]
23. Marcel Fengler – Thwack (Norman Nodge Remix)
24. Rod – Malmok One [Klockworks]
25. Substance & Vanqueur – Immersion (Sleeparchive Remix)
26. Ozka – Phantomz (Aubrey Remix) [Mowar]
27. Coefficient – Scale Invariant Spectrum
28. Par Grindvik – Sinister (S100 Remix)
29. Will Azada – Let’s Get Tight [Proper Trax]
30. WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Powerhouse]
31. Arkist – Fill My Coffee [Hessle]
32. A Made Up Sound – Demons (Reprise) [A Made Up Sound]
33. Lusine – Rubberband
34. Luke Vibert – I Love Acid [Warp]
35. Luke Vibert – Asheed [Warp]
36. Boddika – Syn Chron [Nonplus]
37. Levon Vincent – These Games [Novel Sound]
38. Unknown – A1 – Disco 005 [Analogue Solutions]

Download the mix: Steppin’ Up – A Live Studio Mix by Will Azada – September 2011

Sunday Social Live Mic Mix – 100% Vinyl – 2 hours of JAMS!

Bakey Ustl

Last weekend was great. Sunday Social, a day party that my buddy Squarewave helped throw didn’t have the biggest crowd, but it had a great vibe, and its always nice to toss down during the daylight hours and just get smashed at the bar, with no real worries in sight ;) I was booked inside from 6:30-8:30pm, and while I was originally planning on rinsing a little more tough techno, I decided not to muck with Serato or CDs and just rinse the wax I had brought. I’ve really yet to give a good couple hours to a lot of the records I had purchased over the last year, so I took this time to show off a lot of the vinyl exclusives I’ve picked up, in addition to some great oldies that I ALWAYS keep in the crate. Featuring a load of raw, underground cuts of analog-styled tech-house, dub tech, acid, and tribal. Also mixed in some of the new Proper Trax material from myself and Grey People and Lee Crowe.

I hooked up the recorder and let it rip. But I forgot to switch it to line in and recorded through the stereo microphones the entire time. While initially a little bummed about not getting this (in my opinion) great mix in super clean high quality, after giving it a thorough listen I decided I quite like the raw, gritty, reverby vibe that the mic recording brought to it all. May not have worked so well with the cleaner, high-production digital stuff you’re used to, but between the crowd talking, a few of my chats, and the sound of room it really worked, especially for this style of music. Gives it an extra live feel to it. I may have to start recording through the mic more often.

I took the time to tracklist everything, so if you want to go digging, have at it. Be aware a lot of these releases are NOT available digitally, and may be out of stock at your normal record outlets, but with a bit of digging and perhaps a significant amount of cash, you’ll find them. Can’t sleep on some of this stuff, that’s for sure. That’s the way the industry has gone though, super-limited presses of 300-500 are still high-risk. But I do it because I love it. Oh and buy my shit.

Without further ado, the Sunday Social live vinyl mix from 2011-05-15. Enjoy it.

1. Reel to Real – A1 [Appointment]
2. Vinalog – Relative 02 A1 [Relative]
3. Disco Nihilist – Gallop [Construction Paper]
4. John Swing – Play Records [Relative]
5. Sound Stream – Tease Me [Soundstream]
6. The Analog Cops – CRC ’09 [Restoration]
7. Will Azada – Like Lovers Do – [Proper Trax]
8. Stellar – Terrence [Soweso]
9. International Pony – A New Bassline for Jose [Skint]
10. Matt John – The Bleep Factory [Holographic Island]
11. Skudge – Melodrama [Skudge]
12. Dan Curtin – Auto 010 “A” [Autonomic, Test Press]
13. Bakey Ustl – EP 1 “A” [Unthank]
14. Moodymann – Bitch Wanna Ride My Dick [MPTLTD]
15. Levon Vincent – Six Figures [Novel Sound]
16. Levon Vincent – Games Dub [Underground Quality]
17. Trevor Rockcliffe – Unknown [Bush]
18. Vinalog – Relative 02 “unknown” [Relative]
19. Disco Nihilist – Relentless [Construction Paper]
20. Aaron Carl – Wallshaker [MoM]
21. John Swing – Always At Night [Relative]
22. Mr. G – My Father’s Farda [Duty Free]
23. Unknown – “Stand By Me” Disco 005 A [Analoge Solutions]
24. Claro Intelecto – Back In The Day [Modern Love]
25. Andy Stott – Night Jewel [Modern Love]
26. G-Man – Quo Vadis [Styrax Leaves]
27. Aubrey – Evacuation [Syncrophone]
28. Alex O. Smith – Ultra Fine One [FXHE]
29. Grey People ft. Lee Crowe – Shadow Figures [Proper Trax]
30. Unknown – B1 Disco 004 [Analogue Solutions]
31. Vinalog – “Unknown” Relative 004 [Relative]
32. Unknown – A Disco 004 [Analogue Solutions]
33. Levon Vincent – Invisible Bitch Slap [Deconstruct]
34. Skudge – Mirage [Skudge]

Sunday Social live vinyl mix from 2011-05-15

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