Saturday Jam Sessions – 6+ hour mix in three parts! Part 1!

Last weekend I went a little crazy at the house. My friend and DJ extraordinaire, Greg Alan, was at the house with me on Saturday morning and feeling kinda bored. So what did we do? We decided we’d mix for 16 hours straight. Why? Well, why not? We ended up pulling it off, switching off the decks after 2-3 hour mix sessions and moving the vibe progressively from house to techno. Well, I ended up with about 6.5 hours worth of solid mixing and tracks, and it’s time to share it everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to mix for hours at a time, so it’s been a pretty refreshing session, plus a good time to go through a lot of music I either hadn’t heard in awhile, or hadn’t played in a mix ever. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to go through the mixes and pick out the tracks for a proper tracklisting, but I should get a chance soon, so keep your eyes peeled if there is some stuff you’re interested in. There are a few parts where the mixes “fade” into the next, because Greg was getting on the decks and going a different place. I’ll also have his mixes to post up later.

Without further ado, here’s Part 1 of the Six Hour Saturday Jam Session.

Download Will Azada’s Saturday Jam Session – Part 1

The other parts will come within the week.

Hot Raw Disco Love – 50 track Live Mix in 3 Parts

Here it is folks, the oft-asked Hot Raw Disco Love mix from our 2/12/11 party in the Drum N Bassment. The party was uber-swell, with loads of fun people coming in and dancing the night (and morning) away. Couldn’t have asked for a better time or place for some house music. This mix is a little over 3 hours long, going from a little more euphoric, peak-hour house material and slowly going down the tempo from 128 to as low as the 60s at one point. House, funk, disco, trip-hop…it had the boys and girls rubbing all over each other. Beautiful.

I’m also leaving a tracklist here for you to check out. This was a quick run-through as I was listening one day at work and jotting notes down on my iPhone, so it is not complete or 100% accurate–just what I could remember off the top of my head. I’m surprised I remembered them as well as I did, but there’s some proper classics in there. I probably won’t be going back to fill in the missing blanks, too much other stuff to do…sorry folks! Part of the fun is the dig ;)


1. MJ – Billie Jean (Layo & Bushwacka)
2. Twin Cousins B1
3. Kink – Existence
4. DJ Funsko – Groove of a Disco House Mouse
5. Advance – Take Me To The Top
6. Kink & Neville Watson -
7. Adonis – No Way Back (Greg Wilson Edit)
8. Kris Wadsworth – Prayer For Detroit
9. ??
10. Mark Broom – Supersnout
11. Light Year – Marcellius
12. Gramaphonedzie – why don’t you
13. ??
14. Dj Sneak – Capone
15. Tiger & Woods – deflowered
16. Andy Stott – Night Jewel
17. Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym
18. Secret Cinema – Glad Chord
19. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam
20. Tiger & Woods – Time

Part 2:
21. Riccio – Dreamin
22. 6th Borough Project – ??
23. Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City) Mark E Remix
24. Circulation – ??
25. Nina Kraviz – Pain In The Ass (Alexkid Remix)
26. Alfabet – Lap The Music
27. Cottam – ??
28. Tensnake – Holding Back My Love
29. 6th Borough Project – ??
30. Mark E – Human
31. Chris Isaac – soul clap remix
32. Francis Inferno Orchestra – You and Me
33. ???
34. Will Azada – Your Love (Gets Me Higher)
35. Riccio – ???
36. ???
Part 3:

37. Nicolas Jaar – Time For Us
38. Handsome Boy Modeling School
39. Nicolas Jaar – Wouch
40. Portishead – Only You
41. Tricky – Christiansands
42. flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers
43. Joey Youngman – ??
44. Dabrye – ??
45. Joey Youngman – ??
46. Outlines ??
47. Outlines ??
48. Dolphin Boy – Don’t Fuck
49. Glass Candy – Geto Boys
50. ??

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