ARCHIVED – Guest mix for DirtySounds Sessions w/ Jane Fitz –

Yesterday, I had a guest a mix featured on Jane Fitz’s Internet radio show, DirtySounds Sessions, alongside a mix of sleazy deep house from Plan B’s DJ Spider. Seems like a lot of folks tuned in and received a bit of a proper education from the pair of us, and Proper Trax even snagged a few record sales in the process–so big, big ups to Jane Fitz for offering the opportunity in addition to all the strong support over the last few months. That’s how the new global underground works.

For those that missed the mix, I’d hate to leave you hanging, so check out the archive on the Proper Trax Soundcloud

Jane Fitz – Deep Sessions – Guest Mix by Will Azada –

1. Levon Vincent – Revs/Cost [Novel Sound]
2. Vinalog – Untitled [Relative]
3. Jackson Lee – Emerson [Blank Artists]
4. Disco Nihilist – Untitled [Love What You Feel]
5. Jackson Lee + Ben Jenkins – Discrete Method [Blank Artists]
6. Micro_On – A.U. [Claque Music]
7. Eduardo De La Calle – The Concept Sampler [Analog Solutions]
8. Mr. G – The Day After B [Shuffle]
9. The Visitors – The Race (Classic M+H Rework) [Playhouse]
10. Kai Alce – Simply ’93 [NDATL Muzik]
11. Disco Nihilist – Easy [Construction Paper]
12. Will Azada – My Relentless Love [Unreleased]
13. Chris Mitchell – Lazerdrive [Vanguard Sound, Unreleased]
14. Grey People – Panic Mode [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
15. Chris Mitchell – Drum Trax [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
16. Will Azada – Drunk Sequence [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
17. The Revenge – Unfinished Edit [Jisco]

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