ARCHIVED – Guest mix for DirtySounds Sessions w/ Jane Fitz –

Yesterday, I had a guest a mix featured on Jane Fitz’s Internet radio show, DirtySounds Sessions, alongside a mix of sleazy deep house from Plan B’s DJ Spider. Seems like a lot of folks tuned in and received a bit of a proper education from the pair of us, and Proper Trax even snagged a few record sales in the process–so big, big ups to Jane Fitz for offering the opportunity in addition to all the strong support over the last few months. That’s how the new global underground works.

For those that missed the mix, I’d hate to leave you hanging, so check out the archive on the Proper Trax Soundcloud

Jane Fitz – Deep Sessions – Guest Mix by Will Azada –

1. Levon Vincent – Revs/Cost [Novel Sound]
2. Vinalog – Untitled [Relative]
3. Jackson Lee – Emerson [Blank Artists]
4. Disco Nihilist – Untitled [Love What You Feel]
5. Jackson Lee + Ben Jenkins – Discrete Method [Blank Artists]
6. Micro_On – A.U. [Claque Music]
7. Eduardo De La Calle – The Concept Sampler [Analog Solutions]
8. Mr. G – The Day After B [Shuffle]
9. The Visitors – The Race (Classic M+H Rework) [Playhouse]
10. Kai Alce – Simply ’93 [NDATL Muzik]
11. Disco Nihilist – Easy [Construction Paper]
12. Will Azada – My Relentless Love [Unreleased]
13. Chris Mitchell – Lazerdrive [Vanguard Sound, Unreleased]
14. Grey People – Panic Mode [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
15. Chris Mitchell – Drum Trax [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
16. Will Azada – Drunk Sequence [Proper Trax, Unreleased]
17. The Revenge – Unfinished Edit [Jisco]

New mix featured on Paraplan Radio Podcast series, #41

It’s been a minute since I’ve updated the personal blog with news. I could list off a variety of excuses, including running the label (Proper Trax), working in the studio, playing gigs–you know the drill…but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t take all that much time to just log in here and post up some news. Overall, things have been great, with the Split Personalities II release doing quite well with DJs like Ryan Elliot, Raiz, and Amir Alexander showing support in their charts and mixsets, to a significant increase in direct supporters making the effort to contact the label personally for purchases. It’s really been nice to see this outflow of support for the label and its artists. So thanks to all. There are copies still available if you’re interested, just go to the label site above and order it. I randomly run bonus specials for the direct buyers, including CDs of demo cuts, or special order offers for upcoming releases, so it definitely behooves you to go that route over regular retailers.

Anyway, more news will be on the way shortly with info on some upcoming releases for other labels, and my upcoming solo 12″ on Proper Trax, but for now…get a load of this new 2.5 hr (mostly) vinyl mix featured on Russian party promoter and podcaster site Paraplan Radio. Mixed live at a local bar here in Knoxville, it features a pile of some recent favorites, slept-on classics, and unreleased cuts from myself and some homies. Get on it!

Steppin’ Up – Live Studio Mix – September 2011

I’ve been hard at work in the studio the last few weeks. Putting finishing touches on upcoming releases for Proper Trax and Woods N Bass, along with rotating through a load of other projects. Sometimes I need a break though, so I spent a few days compiling, setting up, and editing this special 2-hour, 38 track, live Ableton set in the studio. I’ve been feeling the itch to present something a little different, in the hopes of broadening listeners’ horizons, and my own. There’s been slew of quality, genre-bending electronic music hitting the street over the last year or so, and I found it about time to create a mix touching on some of it–along with a healthy dose of techno and my own originals.

I created this mix with Ableton Live. I compiled and warped a large pool of tracks, loops, and tools, set up the MIDI interface, and ran through it live. Afterward, I spent some time editing things up a bit, to give it a nice “polish,” while still preserving the seat-of-the-pants live composition of the set. It’s not my first time doing this, but it’s rare that I nail it this well. Hopefully, with a little more organization and perhaps a more robust controller, I can take the process fully-live for some special gigs (no, I’m not ditching the vinyl or CDs…there’s no substitute for the versatility and “feeling” you get with a pair of decks…not to mention, the reliability). There’s a number of surprise techniques, nothing too fancy, but it makes for interesting listening over the typical DJ mix.

It consists of 38 tracks, spanning the sounds of techno, house, dubstep, proper electro, juke/footwork, and some downtempo breakbeat jams. Some are vinyl rips from my collection, others are digital purchases, and others are either upcoming or unreleased original productions of mine (and Piltdown Sound — hitting Proper Trax’s second release soon). It’s a little over two hours long, so don’t expect to burn it as an audio CD without spanning or burning as an MP3. The tracklisting, with all the labels I could remember off-hand, just below:

1. Dadub – Biopoiesis [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2. Will Azada – Clownin’ [Unreleased]
3. Objekt – CLK Recovery [Objekt]
4. Will Azada – Drunk Sequence [Unreleased]
5. Sigha – HF029A2 [Hotflush]
6. Vril – UV [Ostgut Ton]
7. Phase – Further Trials
8. FBK – Fears of a Madman [Unreleased]
9. Metope – Kobox (Sleeparchive Remix)
10. Objekt – Tinderbox [Objekt]
11. Pinch – Attack of the Giant Robot Spiders
12. Unknown – Sicko Cell (Azada Loop-Up) [Swamp81]
13. Instra:Mental – User [Nonplus]
14. Addison Groove – Its Got Me [Swamp81]
15. Peverelist – Infinity [Punch Drunk]
16. Will Azada – Deep Juke [Unreleased]
17. DJ Rashad – Took It Doggy Style
18. DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad – Space Juke
19. DJ Spinn – LOL
20. Will Azada – We Rave It [Unreleased]
21. Will Azada – Reduction [Unreleased]
22. Piltdown Sound – Bom [Proper Trax]
23. Marcel Fengler – Thwack (Norman Nodge Remix)
24. Rod – Malmok One [Klockworks]
25. Substance & Vanqueur – Immersion (Sleeparchive Remix)
26. Ozka – Phantomz (Aubrey Remix) [Mowar]
27. Coefficient – Scale Invariant Spectrum
28. Par Grindvik – Sinister (S100 Remix)
29. Will Azada – Let’s Get Tight [Proper Trax]
30. WK7 – Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Powerhouse]
31. Arkist – Fill My Coffee [Hessle]
32. A Made Up Sound – Demons (Reprise) [A Made Up Sound]
33. Lusine – Rubberband
34. Luke Vibert – I Love Acid [Warp]
35. Luke Vibert – Asheed [Warp]
36. Boddika – Syn Chron [Nonplus]
37. Levon Vincent – These Games [Novel Sound]
38. Unknown – A1 – Disco 005 [Analogue Solutions]

Download the mix: Steppin’ Up – A Live Studio Mix by Will Azada – September 2011

DJ Set from Archaic Revival II in Atlanta – 2011-08-27

Short update…Atlanta was fantastic! The Archaic Revival crew and Jordan Moska put on a killer party this past weekend! I had a great time out there, and would definitely do it again. Great vibes from an unafraid-to-dance crowd. In turn, I put on a hard-edged and high-energy set of techno. I really fed off you guys and the cool, dirty vibes of the Quad venue. Couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to party with! Also wanted to give nods to Piltdown Sound, Greg Alan, and Flynt Shaw for some great music. Didn’t get to catch everybody in-depth, but from what I heard and saw, no one failed to jam it right.

Also got to afterparty in a new spot, with some “REAL SHIT” (aka proper deep house/tech-house)on the speakers. Perfect trax for the 5-9am timeframe. Black Domino performed an excellent set. A little “house party” with some cool folks. Shout outs to the warm welcome from those who didn’t even know us–Josh Clayton, Samira, Black Domino, Mr. Soul Clap, John X? Happened to give away some freebie copies of the Proper 001 12″ too, to help keep the party going ’til 9am. Lucky folks. Also thanks to Hunter of the DnB production crew Legion for the warm welcome at his apartment. ATL did not let me down! Oh, also wanted to mention the Cardio party at the W, poolside. Kickass daytime vibes and excellent venue. It was my first 16th floor poolside shindig, hopefully I can make it out there to play sometime.

Anyway, here’s the recorded mix from Archaic Revival II. I haven’t had the time to make up a tracklist, but some of the producers include Planetary Assault System, Oliver Dodd, Kyle Geiger, Rob Hood, Sleeparchive, Steve Rachmad, Marcel Fengler, Truncate, and of course, some testers and upcoming tracks from myself and Piltdown Sound for Proper Trax.

Will Azada – Archaic Revival II @ Quad Atlanta – 2011-08-27

Proper Trax Podcast 002 – Live Mix @ Don’t Techno For An Answer – August 2011

DTFAA for August went well. Thanks to all that came out and supported the night. Had a blast opening up for Alex Falk, Klaws, and Konstantin. We all had some excellent sounds mixes that I’m currently editing out of two big WAVs. First up is my own, which I’ve decided to also use as the newest Proper Trax podcast, featuring three upcoming PT cuts (in addition to a whole host of awesome tracks). Starting 2012, DTFAA will be happening every third Saturday of the month, but until then, check it out in Knoxville, at Longbranch Saloon, on September 17.

This mix is a direct download, but will be available to stream/download at the Proper Trax Soundcloud shortly.

Download Will Azada – DTFAA August 2011 – Proper Trax Podcast 002 (right-click, save as for those who have Quicktime set up).

106 minutes, VBR mp3
1. Dadub – Biopoiesis [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2. Dadub – Amnion [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
3. Sigha – HF029B1 [Hotflush]
4. SP-X – Internalize [Komisch]
5. Ozka – Phantomz [Mowar]
6. Mike Parker – Protolanguage
7. Mr. G – Sunday Blues (Kasper Remix) [Bass Culture]
8. Jeroen Search – Resonance 1 [Newrhythmic Digital]
9. Mr. G – U Askin’? (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Rekids]
10. 19.454. – When I Think Of… [Horizontal Ground]
11. Will Azada – Sludge Funk [forthcoming]
12. Skudge – Void [Echochord]
13. Jared Wilson – Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Conforce Dusk Till Dawn Mix) [Dolly]
14. Vril – UV [Ostgut Ton]
15. Rivet – Inside Looking Out [Naked Lunch]
16. Levon Vincent – Solemn Days [Deconstruct]
17. Redshape – Future Shock
18. Alex Falk – Untitled (Proper 002) [Proper Trax, forthcoming]
19. Unknown Artist – DISCO 004 B1 [Analogue Solutions]
20. Rod – Malmok One [Klockworks]
21. Will Azada – Drunk Sequence (Proper 002) [Proper Trax, forthcoming]
22. Peter Van Hoesen – Axis Mundi [Ostgut Ton]
23. Tyree – Nuthin’ Wrong [Mojuba]
24. Will Azada – Let’s Get Tight (Proper 002) [Proper Trax, forthcoming]
25. Jared Wilson – Detroit Tracks 7.5 [Dolly]
26. Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress [Novel Sound]

DTFAA August – Saturday Jam Session Part 3 – Other news…

It’s August now, and things have been great since the last time I posted. Gigs have been solid, working with my homie Mark B locally at various venues, and working with Alex Falk on tracks. DTFAA July went well, and here in a couple days, we’ve got the second 2011 edition of Don’t Techno For An Answer, featuring a couple South Carolinians, Klaws and Konstantin. For those of you in Knoxville, give it a peep this Saturday, 8/20. I’ll be playing alongside Alex Falk.

Grey People invited me to Unify in Nashville last weekend. It was a six-room party, with a mix of genres, and went exceptionally well. GP hooked it up with a 2-hour timeslot, which was perfect. Had a killer set for a lot of new faces. We kept the room dancing all night, with a steady flow of people streaming through for bathrooms/drinks, only to get stuck wiggling it on the dancefloor. Apparently we made such an impression that Nashville Scene mentioned our names and room as a highlight of the night.

Next weekend (8/27) I’ll be in Atlanta for Archaic Revival. It’s primarily a psy-trance party, as far as the main room goes, but we intend on holding it down proper in the techno room, and expecting a load of our friends to attend. Alex Falk and Greg Alan are also on the bill with me, and it’ll be going into the late hours, so I doubt we’ll be leaving until sometime around sunrise. I love those gigs. Each of us are slated for two hour slots. Expect great things.

Coming up in September, I’m bringing out Matt Wooddy aka Inferno of Heat Promotions from ATL. That’s going to be DTFAA, September 17th. After that, Equinox at Deerfields in Asheville. 2-day campout with a variety of great music and artists including a bunch of the Tennessee Techno homies: Grey People, Piltdown Sound, Greg Alan, Mark B, and myself. Also worth checking on our “chillout” stage are Futexture and Perileyes during the daytime, and Paramnesia, whom we had play for us at Headroom when it was still kicking. Futexture has an all-original live set of dubby, downtempo electronica, and will definitely fit the daytime vibe of Deerfields. We booked him for the Kyle Geiger / Kilowatts double headliner event earlier this year, and I couldn’t say better things. Do it.

Progress on Proper Trax 002 is going well, with most of the tracks confirmed and testers being sent to respected DJs and producers for feedback. Depending on how things go, you should expect a November release for the 12 inch. I’ve got some real kickers in store.

In the meantime, I should post Part Three of the Saturday Jam Session from way back in April! Its the final part of that epic mix session, and features a split of techno and house for over two hours of music. I’d drop something fresher for you, but unfortuantely I’ve had exceedingly bad luck with snagging a good live recording of the gigs. Always forgetting to switch to Line In, power goes out, rec out clips, or some other lameness. That’s how it goes though.

Been lazy on the charts this month. Haven’t got much new vinyl, but worth a mention is the Vanguard Sound, Vol. 1 available on Hakim Murphy’s Machining Dreams imprint. Solid trax from DJ Spider, Amir Alexander, and others. Much love to the Vanguard Sound crew. Raw shit there.

Finally, here’s the tracklist for the mix:

——–Techno Mode
1. Grey People – Lethal Response
2. Matador – Minit
3. Robotman – Never (DBX Mix)
4. DJ Hyperactive – Psyko Drum
5. Kyle Geiger – Grit
6. Cusp – Urantum
7. Errorsmith – Untitled A1
8. DBX – Spacetalk
9. The Funnel – Bootyjumper
10. Mike Dehnert – Fompage
11. Marcel Fengler – Thwack
12. Perc – Tension
13. Robert Hood – Obey
14. Peverelist – Infinity Is Now
15. Scuba – Klinik
16. Walt J – Reborn 1
17. Blue Maxx – Course
——–House Mode
18. Deniz Kurtel – Yeah
19. Darabi – Top Drop (Roman Flugel Remix)
20. Anthony Collins – Bruised Inside (Los Update Remix)
21. Deepchild – Statkind
22. Tom Flynn – Rhode Island
23. Walt J – Reborn (DJ Qu Remix)
24. Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Tell
25. Matthew Dear – Fred’s Bells (Onur Ozer Remix)
26. Maetrik – Socom
27. Matt O’Brien – Into The Red
28. Losoul – The Lords Of Sanity
29. Adonis – No Way Back (Greg Wilson Edit)
30. Kink – E79
31. Nikola Gala – The Vandal
32. EC50 – Oh What A… (Alland Byallo Remix)
33. James Teej – I’m Human Now (Cassy Remix)
34. Leif – Designed With That In Mind (Martinez Remix)

Mid-year checkup…chart action, new soundcloud, other stuff..

Hey folks,

It’s been a little over a month since the last site update. I’m bad like that. Too many toes in too many cakes or something. Anyway, a few “status updates.”

Detroit and DEMF were great this year. The Bang Tech 12 party went pretty well, although I had some unfortunate cartridge/tonearm issues and poor sound in my room, which made my set less than optimal this time around. But its always fun to perform in that city…lots of real heads that have open minds. Also sold some records for PROPER TRAX, and got them into the hands of some of my personal production and DJ heroes. No name dropping here, but it was pretty fucking awesome and primo timing.

Highlights include:

Bang Tech 12 15 Anniversary party

Arthur Oskan live set the Beretta showcase. Akufen was solid, too…but I was hoping for more of his micro/chopped sound, not so much deep, soul house.

Marcel Dettmann & Radio Slave B2B at the CLR event. Really powerful mix that went all over the place with house, tech-house, techno, dubstep, and even some classic electro cuts like “Numbers.” This was the shit, needless to say, and while Collabs was solid and big, Dettmann and Edwards were just plain fun and grimy.

Maetrik put on a really good set at the Works on Sunday night, but the rest of that show was “meh” at best. As I reconfirm every year, yet always end up getting dragged anyway, the Works blows. Fuck that place.

Shit Show 2 with the Gary Springs Hunting Club was intense. One of the nuttiest and most “free” parties I’ve attended. Will do again :) Petting zoos. TV Bar is one of the BEST on the other hand.

DEMF DJs who hit me with damn good jams and skills and best left an imprint in my head over a month later: Ryan Elliot, Steve Rachmad, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Detroit Techno Militia 5×5, Claude Young, Kerri Chandler, Aril Brikha, Metro Area. Admittedly, I missed a lot more of the festival and some of the performances that I wanted to catch this year. Stayed pretty busy at the off-site parties this year and tended to get what little rest I had in the early afternoon. Sven Vath was definitely a performance, but I had to catch Klock and Dettmann moreso. Really wanted to give Beardyman a shot, but couldn’t get space. Missed Ramadanman, most of District 909 (but the little I heard was excellent), Reference, and a lot of others. Disappointments include Villalobos (zzz trax, endless socializing, floppy subs, even let a record play out completely while he was chatting it up…), Adam Beyer (Beatport guido douche tech-house, definitely “played to the crowd” which was pretty gelled up at that stage this year…he’s killed the last two times I’ve heard him), and Fatboy Slim ruining every stage but the underground with his electro rave, 150db schlock that seemed to permeate the entirety of Hart Plaza.

I’m forgetting some stuff, as I don’t want to write a novel. Overall, this was the best year out of four for me. I got a lot out of it, met a ton of new people, heard some awesome music, partied like it was 2099, and got promo Proper Trax into some really good hands both famous and notsomuch.

I also wanted to give a shout out to FBK and Chris Mitchell, whom I both met in person while out there. Been talking to them online before, but it was really good to share some time talking. These guys are up and coming, doing some really amazing work. Check out their music.

Oh, and I totally lost my voice by Monday morning. Literally couldn’t talk. Too much chat, smokes, yelling, and all that good stuff I assume :) I think something was telling me “shut the fuck up for a minute, Will.”


Next up, Split Personalities EP on Proper Trax has done well in its first month. Copies are selling steadily, especially considering my promo is basically no promo. Hand out a few to some DJs, hit up a few boards, and rinse the music. Couple highlights: DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia played The Funnel’s “Bake Sale” at DEMF. And legendary Berlin record shop Hardwax sold out of all its copies. If things continue to go this way, we should be out of stock within a month or two. So get a copy if you haven’t already.


Currently, I’m working hard on a lot of new material. I throw some teases and preliminary progress on my Soundcloud page, although most of what is up there are older revisions. For a change of pace, I’ve also done a couple remix/edits of classic dance tracks including a remix of Chic’s “I Want Your Love” and Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen.” These are a little outside my normal realm of production, but they have done an excellent job of making dancefloors jump. As usual, although I don’t typically share my material freely online, all you gotta do is ask…hit me or the label up : will.azada @ or proper @ – I’m always looking to connect you!

Also, Grey People drove from Nashville to join me in the studio for a weekend in June. One of the best studio sessions I’ve had ever. We collaborate well, and accomplished a lot. Look out for what we’ve got in store in the next few months. Expect a teaser soon. Oh, and here’s a free Proper Trax promo mix we did while he was over. Tag-team, grab-bag vinyl set using my records. It’s a little drifty at times, since we just busted it out spur of the moment, but it holds up nicely, and really is a lot of fun and representative of what’s in my vinyl crate at the moment. For July, we’ll be using his records.

He ended up leaving with my Juno 106. It just didn’t see the use I wanted to give it. Large synths just don’t fit my workflow…I’m a desktop jockey, what can I say? Love my MFB-522 and FRXS because they sit in front of my lazy ass. Guess I’ll have to find a nice desktop analog poly to replace it. Have to say, he started busting out some choice material a few days later, and I’m a little “gaaaaaaah, why did I not keep it?” haha, glad its in good hands and being used more though! Best to keep it in the “family” so to speak.


Gigs have been steady, can’t say I’ve been wanting really. As far as Knoxville goes, at least. The Headroom crew and I have been throwing some good events and I’m really looking forward to the DTFAA Reunion show this Saturday (July 9). The first one was huge, and I kind of regret not keeping it going through last year and before now, but Headroom itself got to be a lot for us to handle and it sort of replaced DTFAA as an event. But this one is looking like its going to be thick, with a lot of RSVPs coming through so far for a small spot like Longbranch. Other than that, lots of daytime and outdoor stuff, an insanely destructive slum house party, and I’m happy to be a part of the new One More Chance… Sunday weekly at Sapphire with homeboy Mark B, which is a spot where I can go a little funky, fun, and deep. Too often I feel obligated to bang out techno and more jacking house in this town, to appeal to the sensibilities of the “bang it out, melt my face” contingent, but more “pure” house is where my heart is a lot of days.

Beyond that, bookings past July at Aug. 20′s DTFAA, and TOUCH Samadhi’s Equinox festival in Asheville on September 23-24. I’m usually game to get out of town and perform, if interested in booking, you know where to go: will.azada @

T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Equinox 2011


Finally, charts, charts, charts:

Resident Adviser June 2011 General Chart

Juno July 2011 Vinyl Chart

Sunday Social Live Mic Mix – 100% Vinyl – 2 hours of JAMS!

Bakey Ustl

Last weekend was great. Sunday Social, a day party that my buddy Squarewave helped throw didn’t have the biggest crowd, but it had a great vibe, and its always nice to toss down during the daylight hours and just get smashed at the bar, with no real worries in sight ;) I was booked inside from 6:30-8:30pm, and while I was originally planning on rinsing a little more tough techno, I decided not to muck with Serato or CDs and just rinse the wax I had brought. I’ve really yet to give a good couple hours to a lot of the records I had purchased over the last year, so I took this time to show off a lot of the vinyl exclusives I’ve picked up, in addition to some great oldies that I ALWAYS keep in the crate. Featuring a load of raw, underground cuts of analog-styled tech-house, dub tech, acid, and tribal. Also mixed in some of the new Proper Trax material from myself and Grey People and Lee Crowe.

I hooked up the recorder and let it rip. But I forgot to switch it to line in and recorded through the stereo microphones the entire time. While initially a little bummed about not getting this (in my opinion) great mix in super clean high quality, after giving it a thorough listen I decided I quite like the raw, gritty, reverby vibe that the mic recording brought to it all. May not have worked so well with the cleaner, high-production digital stuff you’re used to, but between the crowd talking, a few of my chats, and the sound of room it really worked, especially for this style of music. Gives it an extra live feel to it. I may have to start recording through the mic more often.

I took the time to tracklist everything, so if you want to go digging, have at it. Be aware a lot of these releases are NOT available digitally, and may be out of stock at your normal record outlets, but with a bit of digging and perhaps a significant amount of cash, you’ll find them. Can’t sleep on some of this stuff, that’s for sure. That’s the way the industry has gone though, super-limited presses of 300-500 are still high-risk. But I do it because I love it. Oh and buy my shit.

Without further ado, the Sunday Social live vinyl mix from 2011-05-15. Enjoy it.

1. Reel to Real – A1 [Appointment]
2. Vinalog – Relative 02 A1 [Relative]
3. Disco Nihilist – Gallop [Construction Paper]
4. John Swing – Play Records [Relative]
5. Sound Stream – Tease Me [Soundstream]
6. The Analog Cops – CRC ’09 [Restoration]
7. Will Azada – Like Lovers Do – [Proper Trax]
8. Stellar – Terrence [Soweso]
9. International Pony – A New Bassline for Jose [Skint]
10. Matt John – The Bleep Factory [Holographic Island]
11. Skudge – Melodrama [Skudge]
12. Dan Curtin – Auto 010 “A” [Autonomic, Test Press]
13. Bakey Ustl – EP 1 “A” [Unthank]
14. Moodymann – Bitch Wanna Ride My Dick [MPTLTD]
15. Levon Vincent – Six Figures [Novel Sound]
16. Levon Vincent – Games Dub [Underground Quality]
17. Trevor Rockcliffe – Unknown [Bush]
18. Vinalog – Relative 02 “unknown” [Relative]
19. Disco Nihilist – Relentless [Construction Paper]
20. Aaron Carl – Wallshaker [MoM]
21. John Swing – Always At Night [Relative]
22. Mr. G – My Father’s Farda [Duty Free]
23. Unknown – “Stand By Me” Disco 005 A [Analoge Solutions]
24. Claro Intelecto – Back In The Day [Modern Love]
25. Andy Stott – Night Jewel [Modern Love]
26. G-Man – Quo Vadis [Styrax Leaves]
27. Aubrey – Evacuation [Syncrophone]
28. Alex O. Smith – Ultra Fine One [FXHE]
29. Grey People ft. Lee Crowe – Shadow Figures [Proper Trax]
30. Unknown – B1 Disco 004 [Analogue Solutions]
31. Vinalog – “Unknown” Relative 004 [Relative]
32. Unknown – A Disco 004 [Analogue Solutions]
33. Levon Vincent – Invisible Bitch Slap [Deconstruct]
34. Skudge – Mirage [Skudge]

Sunday Social live vinyl mix from 2011-05-15

Saturday Jam Session – Part 2 of the 6+ hour mix! And some other news…

So by now you’ve hopefully had time to listen to Part 1 of last week’s Saturday Jam Session, which left things on an upbeat note at the start of Sebo K and Reboot’s “Saxtracks.” Well, here’s Part 2, continuing where we left off and moving into more crankin’ tech-house and tough sounds of techno. I’m currently compiling the track list and will release it once all three parts are up and available.


Saturday Jam Session with Will Azada – Part 2

By the way, come see me in Detroit! I’ll be performing at the Bang Tech 12 15 Year Anniversary pre-party at Bookie’s on Friday, May 27th. In addition, the Proper Trax and Headroom Knoxville crew will be selling pre-market copies of the new Split Personalities EP. Official release and international availability come June 1st. Don’t sleep, 300 limited copies, and it’s off to PROPER-002!

Saturday Jam Sessions – 6+ hour mix in three parts! Part 1!

Last weekend I went a little crazy at the house. My friend and DJ extraordinaire, Greg Alan, was at the house with me on Saturday morning and feeling kinda bored. So what did we do? We decided we’d mix for 16 hours straight. Why? Well, why not? We ended up pulling it off, switching off the decks after 2-3 hour mix sessions and moving the vibe progressively from house to techno. Well, I ended up with about 6.5 hours worth of solid mixing and tracks, and it’s time to share it everyone. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to mix for hours at a time, so it’s been a pretty refreshing session, plus a good time to go through a lot of music I either hadn’t heard in awhile, or hadn’t played in a mix ever. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to go through the mixes and pick out the tracks for a proper tracklisting, but I should get a chance soon, so keep your eyes peeled if there is some stuff you’re interested in. There are a few parts where the mixes “fade” into the next, because Greg was getting on the decks and going a different place. I’ll also have his mixes to post up later.

Without further ado, here’s Part 1 of the Six Hour Saturday Jam Session.

Download Will Azada’s Saturday Jam Session – Part 1

The other parts will come within the week.

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