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Will Azada has flexed his deep and versatile selections of techno and house in and around the southern US for a decade. Despite the region’s lack of an engrained cultural history for the music, his relentless efforts as a self-made DJ, producer, and party organizer helped revitalize and fortify a furiously dedicated contingent of heads in the foothills and basements of Knoxville, Tennessee. While organizing the infamous Headroom parties, Will’s insistently high standards led the way in presenting what he considers a proper underground party—where an open-minded atmosphere, massive sound, and exceptional music modify one’s way of thought over the course of its 12 to 24 hours. During the tumultuous months surrounding the loss of Headroom’s under-the-bridge warehouse space to city government scrutiny, Will made a decision to refocus his energy toward a new project he had long wanted: Proper Trax. The label serves as an outlet for not only his own take on the timeless traditions of underground house and techno, but as a source for the myriad of underground producers in the oft-overlooked region in which he resides

Like Will’s own productions, the selections of Proper Trax border on the raw spectrum of electronic music influences for a floor-oriented, yet “heady,” result. In addition to his work for Proper Trax, Will has held to a steady schedule of increasingly captivating output for a number of smaller labels, including Woods N Bass, Mystical Disco, and Cubera. Will’s dedication to the art has culminated in a series of anticipated releases for Deeply Rooted House, Hypercolour, Finale Sessions, Initials, and a mix compilation appearance via DJ Deep’s selection of “Easy Does It” for Tresor’s latest KERN mix series. Although his final destination is unclear, Will Azada’s preference for the rough and murky terrain of the underground will always hold him true to keeping it proper.

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