DJ Set from Archaic Revival II in Atlanta – 2011-08-27

Short update…Atlanta was fantastic! The Archaic Revival crew and Jordan Moska put on a killer party this past weekend! I had a great time out there, and would definitely do it again. Great vibes from an unafraid-to-dance crowd. In turn, I put on a hard-edged and high-energy set of techno. I really fed off you guys and the cool, dirty vibes of the Quad venue. Couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to party with! Also wanted to give nods to Piltdown Sound, Greg Alan, and Flynt Shaw for some great music. Didn’t get to catch everybody in-depth, but from what I heard and saw, no one failed to jam it right.

Also got to afterparty in a new spot, with some “REAL SHIT” (aka proper deep house/tech-house)on the speakers. Perfect trax for the 5-9am timeframe. Black Domino performed an excellent set. A little “house party” with some cool folks. Shout outs to the warm welcome from those who didn’t even know us–Josh Clayton, Samira, Black Domino, Mr. Soul Clap, John X? Happened to give away some freebie copies of the Proper 001 12″ too, to help keep the party going ’til 9am. Lucky folks. Also thanks to Hunter of the DnB production crew Legion for the warm welcome at his apartment. ATL did not let me down! Oh, also wanted to mention the Cardio party at the W, poolside. Kickass daytime vibes and excellent venue. It was my first 16th floor poolside shindig, hopefully I can make it out there to play sometime.

Anyway, here’s the recorded mix from Archaic Revival II. I haven’t had the time to make up a tracklist, but some of the producers include Planetary Assault System, Oliver Dodd, Kyle Geiger, Rob Hood, Sleeparchive, Steve Rachmad, Marcel Fengler, Truncate, and of course, some testers and upcoming tracks from myself and Piltdown Sound for Proper Trax.

Will Azada – Archaic Revival II @ Quad Atlanta – 2011-08-27

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