Dancing dirty, downtown…

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, what a weekend! On Saturday I played a show at the venerable Pilot Light in Old City Knoxville with my friends and cohorts Freq Mods, Mark B, Sour Kandi, and Viking, along with full support of the Headroom crew doing sound, promo, and general drunken fucked-upness. Needless to say, it was a damn good night, with fantastic weather, and a small, but furiously intense crowd. Afterwards we hopped over to the Knoxville Pearl, dropped some drunk jams for late night, and then off to the house for a small gathering of house partying fools until about 8am with J-Mo and Mr. Law trying to mix on my bunked-up Tascam XS-8 mixer. Like I said, damn fine time!

I ended up recording the mix session from Pilot Light that night and will be giving the appropriate performers their mixes for posterity. I also got mine, which unfortunately had a bit of clipping moments due to having to use the MASTER 2 output on Mark B’s Vestax mixer. Its unfortunate as I usually never clip a mix, and everything sounded great out of the monitor and mains, but I digress. Its definitely listenable and chock full of some high-powered tunes including no less than 7 unreleased and upcoming tracks from myself, Oliver Dodd, Grey People, and Kyle Geiger. I did end up cutting off the last few songs due to some weird pan problem where we lost the left signal apparently. Still, 16 tracks, 60 minutes.

Without further ado, here’s the tracklist

Tracklisting for Dance Dirty Downtown – Will Azada – Live at the Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN (DOWNLOAD)  <right click, save as>

1. Will Azada – Like Lovers Do (Forthcoming, Proper001)
2. Oliver Dodd – 389-3 (Unreleased)
3. Kyle Geiger – Regret (Unreleased)
4. The Funnel – Seething (Unreleased)
5. Brian Sanhaji – Cortosis (Chris Liebing Remix)
6. Marc Romboy, Blake Baxter – Underground Thang – Version 1
7. Dusty Kid – The Kitten
8. The Funnel – Bake Sale (Forthcoming, Proper001)
9. Robert Hood – The Family
10. The Funnel – Hrrrmmm (Unreleased)
11. Grey People, Lee – Acid Collab Part 2 (Unreleased)
12. Kink – Existence
13. Fatboy Slim, Herve – Machines Can Do The Work (Ado Done Most The Work Mix)
14. Afrojack, The Partysquad – A Msterdamn
15. Huoratron – $$ Troopers (Charlie Fanclub Remix)
16. Audion – The Pong

The two “forthcoming” tracks will be available on my first record in May, Proper 001, “Split Personalities EP.” It’s limited to 300 copies, so don’t sleep on it.

A look back at 2010…

I know it’s a bit late to be “looking back” to last year, but I’m currently working on a range of production and mix projects for 2011, and don’t want to spill the beans on everything just yet. So, with that said, here’s some of 2010′s mix highlights from me (that ended up recorded–oh so many memorable live sets never got archived due to dead batteries or broken inputs, sigh)…

First up is my summertime promo mix of darker techno sounds–mixed live with a combo of vinyl and Serato, in the home studio.:

Saturate 2010 – KnoxEDM Podcast 04

1. EQD Equalized #002 B [Equalized]
2. DJ Qu Party People Clap [Deconstruct]
3. 19.454. When I Think Of… [Horizontal Ground]
4. Peter Van Hoesen Irrational X (Slow Mix)
5. Silent Servant La Noche [Historia Y Violencia]
6. Function Function [Sandwell District]
7. Levon Vincent Solemn Days [Deconstruct]
8. Speedy J Red Shift [Electric Deluxe]
9. Ben Klock Viscoplastic [Deeply Rooted House]
10. Claro Intelecto New Life [Modern Love]
11. Scuba Hundreds & Thousands [Hotflush]
12. Jonas Kopp Michigan Lake [Ostgut Ton]
13. Mike Grant The Struggle Of My People (Mr. G’s Hope Reprize) [Duty Free]
14. Alexi Delano & Adam Beyer Loose Turn [Drumcode]
15. Mike Dehnert & Roman Lindau MECK [Fachwerk]
16. DVS1 Running [Klockworks]
17. Vector B.Q. Wave [Plastrax]
18. Jonas Kopp Flanter Filnger (Full) [Curle]
19. Green Velvet Explorer Man [Music Man]
20. DJ Hyperactive Reptilian Tank (Audio Injection’s Dirty LA Remix) [4 Track]
21. Joey Beltram Game Form (Robert Armani Remix) [Tresor]

Second, the more recent studio mix, that came in right at the end of 2010 when I was having a major yearning for warm weather to be back. Its primarily a house-focused mix, staying kind of slow and groovy throughout.

HEAT 2010

That link goes to my soundcloud page. You can find the full tracklist in the “lyrics” tag for the mp3 once you download it.

Oh, and I almost forgot…the first promo mix of the year (March), which was just a fun Ableton-created studio mix, that bounced around a bit stylistically, but stayed pretty true to the alt/indie house sound and some funky grooves. Starts off pretty downtempo and gets quite a bit more bumpin’ throughout. I introduce to thee:

Moustache Ride

1. One Night at the Raw Deal – Twisted Wires
2. If I can’t Hold You – Desire
3. Feeling Without Touching – Glass Candy
4. McLovin – 6th Borough Project
5. Lavender – Om Unit
6. Inside and Out – Feist
7. Need Your Lovin’ – Tensnake
8. Pina – Metro Area
9. Leave Your Mind – The Revenge
10. Yearning (Emperor Machine Remix) – Black Van
11. Les Corps Humides – Premier Rang
12. I’m Gonna Get You – Nina Kraviz
13. Mirroir Mirroir – Desire
14. Deer & Fox – Clara Moto
15. East Village Hustle – Daniel Wang
16. Spaghetti Circus – Still Going
17. Deflowered – Tiger & Woods
18. Running Up That Hill – Chromatics

So, that’s that as far as studio mixes. I’ve got some tracks that I’ll be releasing for free this month. Stuff that’s been sitting in the archives and just hasn’t made it out beyond a few plays on the dancefloor of Headroom. Enjoy.

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